Meet The Founder



My mantra has always been self Indulgence is self love. Many times we neglect ourselves and put others before our own well being. This is just life, but I’ve found that if you take a little time out for yourself, making it an experience your health and well being improve.

Life can have us running in circles sometimes and that’s why I founded Flushcosm, skincare that makes you feel good with every use. So take time for you, cos no one will love you like you do. 


                               OUR VALUES

Natural Vegan Cruelty-free 

Using plant ingredients found in nature like Lavender, Rosehip and Seabuckthorn we strive to deliver potent skincare that works to renew, repair and protect your skin against everyday pollution and free radicals caused by stress.


Natural Beauty Always 

We believe that natural skin is beautiful skin and are always pushing the boundaries of beauty and what it means to be beautiful. Makeup is great but at Flushcosm we believe that our Skincare gives you the confidence to wear your natural skin.