Kill Two Birds With One Precious Stone

So many have said that precious stones such as Jade, Amethyst, Picasso Jasper, Opal/Moonstone have healing or even spiritual properties. Now I know I'm all about skincare but maybe there's some truth to this. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Tracee Ellis Ross have worn certain previous stone (Crystals) for various reasons. So how does this apply to your skincare routine ? You might ask....

Well beauty rollers are all the rage and what was once ancient traditions became a trend and is now a way of life. So why not kill two birds with one precious stone (not litrally) and pick a beauty roller that can give you the skincare benefits but also help with your spiritual wellbeing.  Take this quick 2 minutes survey and see what crystal is right for you.


PS. I have Amethyst, Jade and Rose Quartz beauty rollers, all rollers do the same ie, lift the skin, reduce wrinkles, relieve facial tension ect... the mystery potential is in the stone.

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