I Freckle To...

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Why do I (we) freckle?

The exposure to to the sun causes the production of melanin, which is used to protect the skin, and this makes the freckles darker and more pigmented. Those with lighter skin and hair pigments are more likely to develop freckles as they will produce more melanin as a response to shield themselves from sun damage. Now I personally have a problem with this statement, I'm not considered lighter with fair hair, I would be considered dark by European standards on the skin chart, yet my skin does this Melanin "thing" I freckle like crazy and get Hyperpigmentation. So I'm on a mission to educate people who think sunscreen is just for "white people" or that "black people" don't NEED SPF sunscreen. Now in my mid 30's I'm seeing the benefits of sunscreen and correcting the years of damage done by the sun. I love my freckles so don't want to lighten or get rid of them as there a character on my face I've grown to love but the uneven skin blemishes under my skin have to go. I've formulated a serum oil I use once a week with a dermarolla and twice a week without to correct some of the damage, the more serious damage deep within my skin is done by a professional, ie: RF light treatment as I want my skin as healthy as possible. As someone  who owns a skincare company definitely knows not all problems are cured by a cream, no matter the science, the herbs, floral or extracted oils some problems need that professional mechanical touch.

PS: The goal is healthy skin not perfect skin. 

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