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Beauty Sleep

A good night's sleep also gives you amazing plumper and renewed skin and that's why it's so important to use products that renew your skin while you sleep. A lack of sleep lowers moisture levels in your skin causing dryness and lack of flexibility. The reduction of sleep time affects the composition and integrity of the skin. Sleep deprivation increases glucocorticoid production. The elevation of cortisol inhibits fibroblast function and increases matrix metalloproteinases (collagenase, gelatinase).

Matrix metalloproteinases accelerate collagen and elastin breakdown, which is essential to skin integrity, and hastens the ageing process by increasing wrinkles, decreasing skin thickness, inhibiting growth factors, and decreasing skin elasticity.

Are there treatments to reverse these signs?

Yes. Treatments to help increase skin collagen production include micro-needling, radiofrequency devices, fractionated lasers, and topical agents such as retinoids. However, we cannot readily reverse the impact inflammatory processes, skin barrier dysfunction, or the disruption of the skin biome has on our skin. Beauty sleep is both necessary and irreplaceable.

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